About the Company Vision and Mission Enterprise spirit

    The China National Arts & Crafts (Group) Corp. is a central enterprise directly controlled by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It is jointly established by two central enterprises, namely the original China National Arts and Crafts Import & Export Corporation and the China National…

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    Vision: The Group’s vision is to build a global top-class comprehensive arts and crafts cultural group.
    Mission: The Group’s mission is to spread China’s culture of arts and crafts, and share its essence and elegance with the world.

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    The Group has been sticking to the core values of excellence, harmony, innovation and efficiency. It is now at a ‘new normal’ stage of China’s economy featuring reformation, transition and upgrading, and in a period of innovated operation, and sound, sustainable and science-based development.
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Concept on Talents

    Talent development:This idea includes respect, motivation, achievement and growth. ‘Respect, motivation, achievement and growth’ is a reflection of its core values of ‘excellence, harmony, innovation and efficiency’ in human resources management. It is also a key way for all staff to carry out the Group’s core values, mission and vision.

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Raw Materials

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    Raw materials operated by the China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation mainly include import of ivory, precious woods and other rare and precious arts and crafts raw materials, as well the export & import trade and wareh…

Arts & crafts business

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    China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation has engaged in practical textile crafts (e.g. Artex and embroidery, etc.), rattan plaited articles, ceramics and other special crafts for forty years, has wide international marketing ne…

Operation of jewelry

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    China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation has the brand resource of “China Jewelry”. It is at the domestic position in the jewelry and precious metal raw material field. China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corpora…

Arts & crafts culture service

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    China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation has formed high-end fine arts marketing, professional exhibition, print media, modern arts and crafts collection and auction as well as culture services. On the basis of further explorat…

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